Forex Trading

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What is Foreign Exchange Trading?

This is the market where the participants sell, buy and exchange currencies. The market is made up of banks, central banks, commercial companies, hedge funds, retail forex and management firms.

The forex market is known to be the largest financial market in the world.

This market is also known as FX, the currency market or Forex. Not only does the foreign market offer a floor for selling, buying, speculation or exchanging currencies but is also makes it possible for currency conversion for international investments and trades.

Some aspects about this market make it attractive to investors. Some of the properties are high liquidity, high leverage, available 24 hours a day and the fact that it is the biggest financial market in the world.

Spot Market, Forward and Future Market

Future Market

In the futures market, standardized instruments are transacted through brokerage firms that trade a specific contract. For every contract, the delivery places, volume, trading and credit procedures are all standardized in this market. Just as it is on a standard forex market, two parties will work together to make sure that a futures transaction is done. It is only possible for an investor to trade in the futures contract that is supported by each exchange.

Some futures markets in the world include Chicago Mercantile, Kansas City Board of Trade, New York Mercantile, Chicago Board of Exchange and Minneapolis Grain Exchange.

Forward Market

This is an over the counter marketplace that’s responsible for setting the price of the financial instrument or asset for delivery. This market is used in transacting a wide array of instruments but the term is used to refer to the foreign exchange market.

The forward and future markets can be used for hedging and speculation but there are differences in the two. The forward contracts can be customized to suit the customer but the futures have a standardized term in the size of their contracts and maturity.

Spot Market

This is a marketplace for financial instruments where the securities and the commodities are traded on the spot. The commodities traded here are made on the spot at the prevailing price at the moment. When it comes to the futures markets, orders that are made in this market are instantaneously settled.

This market is also known as the physical market or the cash market since they are immediately executed. In the spot market, you will come across commodities like crude oil which are known to be in the futures market.

Why Trade Forex

Forex trading has become popular in the last decade. This is because the industry offers immense benefits to the traders!

One benefit of this market is that the forex markets never sleep. Trading happens across the globe depending on which economy is awake. This means that it will be possible for you to trade major currencies any time throughout the day. There are no set exchange hours which mean you can trade any time of the day.

In forex trading, the cost of trading is minimal. Many of the forex accounts trade without commission and the exchange rates are not expensive either. The only cost you will face is the spread between the buy and the sell price.

The liquidity of the market is unmatched. Forex trading transacts more than $5.3 trillion a day. This makes it easy for a trader to get in and out of the trades any time during the day even in large lot amounts.

Since the market offers a huge amount of liquidity, the forex market trades a huge amount of leverage. This will make it possible for you to benefit from small moves in the market. Leverage is compared to a double edged sword since it can increase your losses, as well as, profits.

With forex trading, you will be able to hunt for opportunities anywhere in the world. This means that if you want broad opinion, it will be possible for you to invest in any currency where an opportunity is presented.

Starting Forex Trading

If you get the gist about the foreign exchange market, this can be a good investment that will act as a great source of income and might end up being your full time job.

For you to start trading in the foreign exchange market, open a trading account with a suitable broker. The second step will be financing your endeavour where you need to deposit money into your account. when all this is done, you can now start trading forex.

The road to start trading in the foreign market may seem easy as from my description above but you need to have other skills like money management and have a strategy that you have tried out several times on a demo account. on the other hand, you can get a suitable signal providing service if you find the research process tiring.

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